Large Snuffle Mat for Dogs - A Dog Treat and Food Snuffle Mat for Big to Small Dogs 4089

Large Snuffle Mat for Dogs - A Natural Foraging Dog Puzzle for Smart Dogs; 32"x20" - A Dog Food Puzzle for Your Pooch: Encourage your dog�s brain with a stimulating toy and feeder! Simply hide the morsels of dry food or treats among the soft fabric pile to boost his search and rooting skills - plus, it slows down your dog�s eating time which will aid his digestion Snuffle mat for Dogs - An Entertaining Puzzle Toy Feeder for Smart Dogs: Decrease monotony and introduce this dog treat game that fights boredom! Your dog will be addicted to this natural instinct activity mat. Any dog can use a snuffle mat, regardless of their size, age, or mobility level. - It�s a Smart Dog Toy: Train your dog to hunt and forage for food sustenance! By hiding treats and food bits, he�ll learn the skills needed to sniff and dig to find each delicious bite! - Big Dog Treat Mat Suitable for All Sized Dogs: 32" x 20" Made of High-quality upcycled cotton/polyester- blend, the same material as t-shirts. The pile is 2" high. Highly absorbent, durable, and versatile. - Non-skid Strong Backing Grip and Heavy-Duty Weight: At 3lbs and with the anti-slip backing, means this mat will stay firmly in place. Machine Washable and Line dry. Dog snuffle mat
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